Signing Up.

  • Download our application, get register as a student or teacher.
  • TestnTrack Team will do the needful to sign you up for the program.
  • TestnTrack team will initially create the required login IDs for all the teachers and students. Admin access will be given to schools to manage their teachers and students.
  • TestnTrack team will conduct physical training for schools (if required) and will share training material for individual students.

Online Offline Exams.

  • Teachers can create an online or offline test by generating a question paper using the system or can put their own questions.
  • Tests can be objective or subjective. Objective tests can have MCQs and True and False questions. The subjective test can have 10 types of questions including objective as well as descriptive questions.
  • Test is assigned to students with pre-defined date, time, and duration.
  • Students take the tests online using a tablet or smartphone or laptop/ desktop from anywhere.
  • Descriptive answers shall be written on paper and scan photos shall be uploaded through our in-built scanner.
  • Teachers can monitor the students remotely with Image proctoring technology.
  • Teachers can manage the tests of every student separately. There are options to start, stop, resume, re-join or reschedule a test at the individual student level.

Question Bank .

  • Schools/Institutes can use the readily available question bank or create a reusable question bank of their own as per adaptive learning system.
  • NCERT based question bank is available for schools/institutes with 12 types of questions available in the system to auto-generate question papers-: i) Multiple Choice (ii) Fill in the Blanks (iii) True and False (iv) Very Short Answer (v) Short Answer (vi) Match the Following (vii) Reference to Context (viii) Assertion and Reasoning (ix) Draw and Label (x) Long Answer (xi) Very Long Answer / Essay (xii) Read-Write/Case-Study
  • Colleges, other school boards, and other institutions can add their own questions to generate question papers and build their own question bank.
  • Question papers can be downloaded and printed too. The teacher copy of the question papers will have answers too.
  • Custom question papers can be generated specific to different publishers and books at an extra cost.

Remote Monitoring & Proctoring.

  • Students can give exam wherever they wish to because our AI enabled technology monitor the students and their actions.
  • During the exams, the teachers can warn the students for their malpractices and send them alerts or yellow card or chat with them.
  • The evaluators can also see the images of students during the exams.
  • Our AI enabled technology tracks the students posture and their activities through out the exam and analyse that whether the malpractices have been done or not.

Evaluation By Experts.

  • Any teacher can enroll on the platform to become an evaluator.
  • To enroll, the teacher needs to fill out the form and within 24 hours the TnT team coordinates with the teacher.
  • Once, the teacher clears the exam and some other KYC formalities, he or she gets a unique ID from the platform.
  • By using the ID, the teacher is now ready to serve a number of students from anywhere anytime.
  • An evaluator must have a Tablet or laptop or mobile phone with the latest google version.
  • For more details and training, the evaluators are provided a co-ordinator to assist them 24*7.
  • The evaluators have full freedom to work at their convenient time.

Copy Checking and performance analysis.

  • The expert panel checks copies digitally and AI technology analyses the weak & strong areas answerwise.
  • Results for objective tests are generated instantly.
  • Teacher would be able to see question-wise scoring, the number of questions attempted, and time taken by students to answer questions.
  • Teachers can allow the students to see the solution key immediately after the test or publish it later.
  • Objective tests are evaluated automatically through the system. Subjective tests can be evaluated by teachers online.
  • Detailed performance analysis reports will be available at student, className, section, grade, and school levels.
  • Customized reports suiting specific requirements of an institution can be taken upon request.

Technical Requirements.

  • Teachers will need a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone with a good internet connection.
  • Any android or apple phone is also recommended to use any of the feature like : select and edit questions, monitor students, and for checking the copies.
  • Students would need desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone with a net connection.
  • An internet connection of 1mbps or more is recommended for taking the online test.
  • Student devices would need a camera for proctored tests.
  • Latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Safari would be needed on devices.
  • No separate app is required to be downloaded for mobile devices.
  • Students would need to accept the request for using the camera in the devices used.

Lets Get Started!