Choose the best mobile based assessment platform for your coaching

What is a Mobile-based assessment platform?

As technology is seen growing and progressing in every field, even the education system is seen taking advantage of devices and modern advances from the tech domain. This is primarily noticed in mobile-based assessments. It is an offline platform where students submit their exam answersheets on the application in pdf format. Their work is analyzed by qualified professional evaluators and every answer is thoroughly evaluated to present the best analytical results. In the end, in minimal time the students receive their results with a detailed descriptive result with personalized remarks to each answer attempted by students. Every wrong in their copies is shown a right answer by explaining to them where and why they went wrong. Each student receives an in-depth analysis that helps them prepare better for final exams. 

Why do schools, classes, and individual educators need a mobile-based assessment platform

As a parent/guardian, or a student, we prepare ourselves the best we can for examinations or tests that are held. If the paper in the exam is very difficult we blame the teacher or the students for not studying properly. And even if it wasn’t challenging enough, we end up blaming the teachers again. What we do not realize is how long the procedure of setting the papers, corrections, and result declaring is. It takes months, while they still have to carry on other responsibilities of checking other copies and continuing with teaching the syllabus. A mobile-based assessment platform can handle this entire operation in one week. Not only that, it even helps students prepare for the tests by giving question banks. The question papers can be customized accordingly and each subject can be set and marked as required. Once the students complete the examination, results can be given to them in a matter of 6 hours only. It makes the job of the teacher easier, helps students prepare better, and allows parents to be more relaxed and confident. 

Which is the best mobile-based assessment platform?

A good mobile - assessment platform is required to have a few necessary features without which it is almost not of any good use. They would include, firstly, speed. You want the system to be swift with the results as that is one of the main reasons to adapt this platform, to save time. The next useful feature will be reliability, if you’re a student, teacher or parent, you depend on the system to evaluate and give a suitable response, so it has to be reliable and legit. Because there are children who will be using it, it should also be user-friendly with a neat and crisp design. We can say without a doubt, TestnTrack has got it all, professional evaluators, that add a human touch to the technology, and up-to-date board-style examinations that are updated regularly. It is India’s first and fastest copy-checking platform, a mobile-based assessment platform that can give results in just 360 minutes. 

What things we should consider before going for a mobile-based assessment platform? 

Before recommending a mobile-based assessment platform to anybody, it is necessary to know all the features and understand its advantages and needs in today’s society. If your child is not able to keep up with the examination pressure, and even after trying her best is not getting the best results, do not worry, and do not blame the teachers. No one in this system is at fault but just trying their best to do their job. TestnTrack solves the problems of every single entity involved in the education-giving and receiving system. Schools, Coaching classes, and individual educators, all wish to provide the best for their students, with the help of a mobile-based assessment platform, your aims can be fulfilled a lot more easily. Tracking performance, instant key solution, student management are some of the great benefits for the educator/institute. While the parents get the unique tool of a SWOT analysis of their children. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses you know what to work on and strengthen the areas they need. 

Altogether TestnTrack is an impeccable mobile based assessment platform. It’s easily available for a download on their website and they even have details on each feature and aspect there. Go and check it out for yourself, enter the new day and age of education with us. 


There are several core benefits for teachers in adopting a mobile-based assessment platform:

1. Exams can be conducted remotely and copies checked remotely.

2. The exam is conducted in an easy and hassle-free manner.

3. Automating the exam process

4. Teachers with high qualifications on board to check copies

5. Analytical results based on artificial intelligence for student evaluation.


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