Best copy checking platform for teachers

Education today is considered highly important in today’s day and age. Be it a lower-grade education or your master's degree, each step is crucial and accounted for. We cannot emphasize enough the number of independent attention children requires today. A teacher, unfortunately, cannot individually focus on each student separately as she has to focus on finishing her job of completing the syllabus, correcting copies daily, and conducting tests etc, as well. The teachers can get frustrated with the overload of the job and end up overlooking some mistakes made by the students. Copies are not checked thoroughly, and wrong answers are not analyzed or explained. In this whole process, the child is unguided and lost, they are not sure where they’re going wrong when the results of the exams do not justify all the hard work. 

And that is why TestnTrack, an advanced physical and digital copy checking platform is here to overall solve the issues faced by educators and students.

What is a copy checking platform?

A copy checking platform is a one-stop shop for every individual involved in the cycle of education. It is a mobile-based assessment platform that creates papers, conducts exams and  evaluates performance altogether. TestnTrack allows teachers to create an online or offline test by generating a question paper with the help of the system. The students are notified and give the exam using a smartphone, laptop, etc, at the given date and time. With the help of image proctoring, teachers are monitoring the students during the entire duration so they are not able to plagiarize or check during that time. The tests are then evaluated on the copy checking platform by experts and professional evaluators. The detail of every student is analysed with AI technology, such as time taken for each question, weak and strong areas, number of questions attempted or missed, etc. 

Why is a copy checking platform needed?

TestnTrack copy checking platform is a solution for the entire education system and it is required by students, teachers and parents. Students are provided with Digital question papers, their results are thoroughly evaluated and with each incorrect answer, there is a descriptive analysis provided for their better understanding and progress. They are also given study plans and a detailed performance report. It is relief for parents as they can track the performance of their children on the copy checking platform and receive Exam updates. 

And as for teachers, it could be an answered prayer as they can manage their students better and more extensively. 

Is TestnTrack affordable?

Our entire copy checking service is available for all schools, educational institutes, coaching classes and also individual educators, etc. It is also very user-friendly, with a neat design and clear instructions for younger kids as well as adults. We also have special customized prices for independent teachers who wish to work with ease with  our copy checking platform. 


And so with the help of India’s first copy-checking platform, TestnTrack, which uses mobile-based assessment, we will be solving not just one, but three issues in this education system. Students, parents and teachers are all involved in the process and the system supports them through any difficulty that they face. The biggest advantage of this platform is mobile-based assessments, since kids these days enjoy using devices, the purpose of it becoming educational is even better. 

We must not forget that the future of our country is the children who are studying in schools and colleges today, if a little help from our end can help them achieve their dreams, and give them the guidance and confidence they need then we should not hold back. Check out our website for more details 


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