frequently asked questions.


  • 1.How does the copy-checking method work in TestnTrack?
  • 2.What is a student's detailed performance analysis report?
    TestnTrack picks up the errors in the answers and provides students with a digital answer key. Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) give a personalized audio explanation of the mistakes.
  • 3.How will TestnTrack benefit principals and teachers?
  • 4. Is data secure with TestnTrack?
  • 5.What is a SWOT analysis of a student?


  • 1. How do you evaluate a student's performance?
  • 2.When can students get their evaluated answer copy?
    Students will be given their evaluated answer copy in 6 to 72 hours
  • 3.How TestnTrack improves students' performance?
  • 4. Can students use the mobile-assessment platform of TestnTrack to access results?
  • 5. What do the students receive apart from the final score of their examination?


  • 1.How can we schedule online examinations on TestnTrack?
  • 2.What are the benefits of each student's SWOT analysis?
    The purpose of conducting a SWOT analysis of each student based on their performance is to identify the strong points and highlight the grey areas to help teachers concentrate on those particular points, ultimately improving a student's performance.
  • 3.What is a detailed question-wise batch report?
  • 4. How can real-time video solutions help teachers?
  • 5. What is a student's feedback system?


  • 1.What is the onscreen evaluation system?
  • 2. How will parents get notified about their child's upcoming examinations or tests?
    TestnTrack’s mobile-assessment platform will help parents track their student’s examination schedules by getting regular notifications for the upcoming exams.
  • 3.What are the advantages of online examinations?
  • 4.Can parents keep track of their child’s attendance via the TestnTrack application?
  • 5.What are the other benefits parents can get by using TestnTrack?